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Conductor Solar Launches Financing Marketplace for Community Solar and PV + Battery Storage Systems

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Conductor Solar, a marketplace for financing solar energy projects, is now servicing all middle market project types: C&I, community solar and battery storage.

ATHENS, OHIO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 17, 2024/ — Conductor Solar, a marketplace for financing solar energy projects, is now expanding into community solar and battery storage. Previously focused on Commercial and Industrial (C&I) projects without batteries, this new capability extends Conductor’s software across solar’s entire “middle market” – everything between residential and utility scale. By matching projects with targeted investors and supporting transaction workflows, Conductor helps developers and contractors find and work with the best financing partners for every project.

One of the challenges in the middle market is the variety of projects and the number of parties involved in every deal. It’s a big reason for the high soft costs in this sector – up to 55% of the total, according to NREL. Conductor Solar was created to help developers and Equipment, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractors find and work with investors more efficiently. Over the last two years, the company has been asked repeatedly to support community solar projects and incorporate financing for battery storage.

“We’ve seen project values increase by 10% or more and closing timelines shorten by weeks.” said Aaron James, COO. “It’s amazing what happens when a project finds the right financing partner; it unlocks the whole deal. But up until now, we’ve had to take a lot of manual steps to support deals with community solar and batteries. I’m excited to really give these projects the attention they deserve with this new software update.”

“We’re here to help developers and EPCs grow this market,” said Marc Palmer, CEO. “The potential for C&I and community solar are enormous. But you need the right partners to get these deals done – especially with financing. Some investors are more comfortable than others with battery storage or community solar. They focus on different territories, project sizes, and types of offtake. It’s all about finding the right alignment – and that’s where we can help.”

Conductor Solar now supports financing transactions for the following project types:

– Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar energy systems, with and without battery storage
– Community solar projects
– 30 kW – 30 MW per project, and portfolios of multiple projects
– PPAs, leases, and community solar offtake

ABOUT CONDUCTOR SOLAR: Conductor Solar is a software company in the solar energy industry focused on the middle market. Conductor’s marketplace helps solar developers and EPCs find and contract with the best financing partners for their C&I and community solar projects. Founded by a team with deep development, EPC, and project finance backgrounds, Conductor was created to tackle the ridiculously high soft costs of getting projects funded and built. With targeted matches between projects and investors and workflow tools to streamline contracting, Conductor saves valuable time and increases close rates for everyone.

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Conductor Solar
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