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EdgeEnergy to Invest $150 Million in Ohio to Expand Manufacturing and Create Jobs in Growing EV Charging Infrastructure Industry

EdgeEnergy headquarters

Cincinnati, Ohio – EdgeEnergy, a leading provider of power conversion equipment for electric vehicle (EV) fast charging solutions, has announced a $150 million investment in Ohio over the next two years to expand manufacturing and grow their company. The investment includes engineering and skilled manufacturing jobs and creates opportunities for manufacturing partners to expand their businesses alongside EdgeEnergy. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to Greg York, CEO and Founder of EdgeEnergy, the need for a solution that eliminates the long lead times for three-phase infrastructure upgrades and makes it faster and cheaper to install DC fast chargers across the U.S. continues to grow. Traditional three-phase power upgrades often cause long delays, which can take months, if not years, and threaten to derail goals for EV Charging Infrastructure in the U.S.

As a participant in the White House Infrastructure Talent Pipeline Challenge, EdgeEnergy is demonstrating its commitment to creating high-quality jobs. The nationwide initiative aims to create equitable job opportunities in growing industries, such as electrification. EdgeEnergy is working with community and industry partners like Blink Charging to develop a job training program, available online and in-person at their Cincinnati facility, focused on technical training for the maintenance of charging stations. The program will provide a valuable talent pipeline for industry partners for skilled workers in the growing EV Infrastructure industry.

EdgeEnergy’s Chief Financial Officer, Jon Holland, expressed excitement about the ongoing growth the company has experienced over the last two years and the positive response to their technology from big names in the industry. The company is eager to expand its workforce and manufacturing capacity amid an exciting period of growth.

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