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First electric motorcycle arrives in Voltage Valley

LAND moto e-bike

More electric vehicles are rolling into Voltage Valley — this time, a motorcycle.

Friday afternoon, LAND Energy delivered the District bike to its owner at BRITE Energy in Warren.

LAND is based in Cleveland and partnered with BRITE.

The bike has software and can function as an e-bike, moped and full-on motorcycle.

All parts of the bike, except for the batteries, are manufactured in the United States. LAND hopes its partnership with BRITE will bring that battery manufacturing to the area.

“We see the energy component as the most important part of what we’re doing, getting range up, getting batteries that we can source in the U.S. All the technology we can get here is very important,” said LAND Energy CEO Scott Colosimo.

The bike starts at $7,800.

BRITE also received $15,000 from SERVPRO to support its initiatives.

Read the full WKBN article here.

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