First electric motorcycle arrives in Voltage Valley

LAND moto e-bike

More electric vehicles are rolling into Voltage Valley — this time, a motorcycle. Friday afternoon, LAND Energy delivered the District bike to its owner at BRITE Energy in Warren. LAND is based in Cleveland and partnered with BRITE. The bike has software and can function as an e-bike, moped and full-on motorcycle. All parts of […]

Companies Explore Benefits of Industrial ‘Internet of Things’

Man posing with technology

A sizeable number of us, whether we know it or not, has been introduced to the Internet of Things – or IoT. From using an Amazon Alexa to remotely adjusting a home thermostat from a smartphone, society and the devices that power it today are more interconnected than ever. The same goes for business and […]

A Black-Led Bike Share Company Is Charting A New Course In Youngstown, Ohio

YoGo Bikeshare founder Ronnell Elkins with his electric bicycle technology

From protecting the planet to serving the public of entire cities with accessible and affordable transportation options, the missions of bikeshare services across the country and around the world are often broad. They’re intended to serve large swaths of a population, yet people of color, low-income folks, and others from marginalized communities are often left […]

LAND debuts versatile electric light vehicles

LAND moto e-bikes and battery units

Scott Colosimo is the founder and CEO of LAND Energy, a Cleveland tech company that will debut its light electric vehicles at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 5-7. Colosimo, whose company started in 2020, is our guest on episode #251 of The Weekly Driver Podcast. As Colosimo defines, the District and […]

FPS Introduces Li-Ion Tamer

Li-ion tamer technology

Lithium Ion Batteries are quickly becoming the norm for many of our customers. It is important to know that they can be a safety hazard since they contain a flammable electrolyte, and if damaged or incorrectly charged can lead to explosions and fires. thermal Runaway Failure in these batteries can create a “Thermal Runaway”. utility-sized […]

Ohio’s electric future: State poised to drive auto industry forward

Electric vehicle charging

The natural inclination is to view economic development as an offensive game. Projects, jobs and investment are pursued and won. The ongoing flow of electric vehicle investment in Ohio is framed as such, be it a $5.1 billion commitment from Honda (NYSE: HMC), a nearly $300 million hydrogen fuel cell plant, or manufacturers already making […]

LAND rides into Warren’s BRITE Energy Incubator

A panel at a BRITE press event, consisting of a startup founder, a board member, a BRITE partner, and BRITE CEO Rick Stockburger.

An electric-powered eBike with sophisticated technological features made its Mahoning Valley debut Friday, much to the excitement of its new owner. “I’ve been looking around for cars or trucks to get into the EV space,” said Tim Petrey, managing partner at HD Davis CPAs in Liberty Township. “I came across this on TikTok, oddly enough.” […]

Sustainable Infrastructure Startup, necoTECH wins first place at Shark Tank-style competition

necoTECH wins first place at Impact22

necoTECH was recognized at the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) IMPACT 22 conference as the “Startup Pitch Challenge” first-place winner. Their mission to transform the infrastructure market using sustainable materials has developed into a collection of award-winning technologies (many backed by the Department of Defense) in less than three years. IMA stated, “necoTECH is on a […]

Huntington Donates $10K to BRITE Energy to Support Startups

BRITE receiving a $10,000 check from Huntington bank

Huntington Bank has generously donated $10,000 to BRITE Energy Innovators to support startups through its mentorship program. BRITE provides individualized one-on-one guidance from industry experts to assist new energy technology companies. “We see a steady increase in inquiries for our services,” said Jing Lyon, BRITE’s Entrepreneur Programs Director. “To meet demand, collaborators such as Huntington […]