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Inside Hyperion’s Futuristic Hydrogen-Powered XP-1

Hyperion car

HYPERION has unveiled its new hydrogen-powered XP-1 hypercar with a staggering 2,038 horsepower and 1,000-mile range at the Los Angeles Auto show.

The spirit of this vehicle’s thrilling performance is reflected in its design, which looks like a Bugatti-inspired Batmobile.

Photo Credit: Reuters

The XP-1’s shape is reminiscent of Bugatti’s Veyron, and other elements like the car’s panoramic canopy are straight out of Bruce Wayne’s garage.

When comparing Hyperion’s vehicle with the Dark Knight’s previous whips, the front ends of the Batmobiles in Batman Forever and Batman: The Animated Series resemble the XP-1’s front.

Hyperion was founded in 2011 and features a team of aerospace and automotive engineers focused on hydrogen fuel cells, energy storage, and advanced mobility solutions, The Globe and Mail reports.

The XP-1 shown at the LA Auto Show utilizes NASA technology like rocketship alloys and boasts a 1,000-mile driving range.

The hypercar’s top speed is 221mph, while its 0-60mph time is listed at 2.25 seconds, according to the manufacturer.

When the XP-1 runs low on power, its drivers can charge the vehicle in three to five minutes.

While the Hyperion XP-1 performance specs are otherworldly, the car’s developers integrated a practical all-wheel configuration.

If you take a quick look within the XP-1’s cabin, you’ll find high-tech touches like a 100-inch center touchscreen with gesture control.

Read the full article by The U.S. Sun here.

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