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necoTECH Brings Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions to the Celebration of Construction on the National Mall

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necoTECH, a leading provider of sustainable cutting-edge infrastructure solutions, will be participating in the Celebration of Construction on the National Mall event in Washington, D.C., May 14 – 16th, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

At the celebration, necoTECH will showcase a collection of proprietary technologies developed to revolutionize the construction industry through sustainable, economical, and environmentally responsible initiatives. Additionally, necoTECH CEO, Steve Flaherty, will serve on a panel with industry leaders from Caterpillar and BOMAG to discuss Sustainability in the industry. The panel is scheduled for a live airing from the main stage on the National Mall at 11:30 am on Monday, May 15th.

“As we join in the Celebration of Construction on the National Mall, we are excited to participate in this event and connect with our Nation’s leaders,” said Steve Flaherty, CEO of necoTECH. “We are proud to support the infrastructure community with our innovative solutions. This event is a fantastic opportunity for the industry to showcase its work and share our vision for a more sustainable future.”

Twenty-four participating AEM members will be showcasing cutting-edge innovations, including alternatively powered equipment, autonomous systems with live demonstrations, and an array of other tools that are enabling the industry to sustainably build the infrastructure that makes modern society possible. Seventeen partnering organizations are set to add their voice to this incredible story.

Exhibits focusing on workforce development, worker safety, sustainable materials, and best practices will complete the modern construction tapestry. AEM, member companies, and partner organizations are diligently working to engage members of Congress, regulators, and their staffs to welcome them to the three-day event for an opportunity to learn more about the construction sector, our efforts in innovation and sustainability and the sector’s positive impact on the American economy.

About necoTECH

necoTECH is an award-winning startup with a mission to decarbonize the construction industry using innovative and sustainable technologies. Through advanced automation of pavement maintenance and construction activities, data-driven decision-making, and the use of sustainable materials, necoTECH is helping to transition the infrastructure market toward a more sustainable future. Headquartered at the Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at Ohio Wesleyan University, the company has development partners in both the government and private sectors, including the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Technology Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFWERX). necoTECH is a wholly owned subsidiary of necoBrands, Inc.

About AEM

AEM is the North America-based international trade group representing off-road equipment manufacturers and suppliers with more than 1,000 companies and more than 200 product lines in the agriculture and construction-related industry sectors worldwide. The equipment manufacturing industry in the United States supports 2.3 million jobs and contributes roughly $316 billion to the economy every year.

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