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Pioneering Flexible, Wearable Washable Battery Technology with NavaFlex

Navaflex co-founder giving a presentation about their technology and team

NavaFlex is pioneering a flexible, washable battery technology, able to be seamlessly integrated into fabrics and wearables. Their innovative approach to wearable battery technology opens up a wide range of potential market applications in industries such as military, fashion, sports and activewear, and healthcare. BRITE first encountered NavaFlex while participating as a guest mentor in the I-Corp program where NavaFlex was enrolled. Impressed by NavaFlex’s commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, BRITE invited NavaFlex to participate in our BRITEbase program.


The battery industry is a crowded space, so NavaFlex wanted to hold tight to their niche since they knew that safe, washable, dryable, and flexible batteries is a need in industry. During their time in the BRITEbase program, NavaFlex made significant strides sharpening their business case and product development roadmap. Leveraging the resources and mentorship provided by the BRITE, NavaFlex was also able to further refine their target industry applications, add new clients, and identify key markets and funding opportunities.

Following their success in the BRITEbase program, NavaFlex was accepted into the BRITEelevate program, which focuses on helping startups prepare for and initiate their funding and commercialization campaigns.


Friends, Family, & Federal Fundraising

After just a few months with the BRITE team, NavaFlex was able to raise $500,000 via a friends and family round and winning two SBIRs through the Department of Energy and DoD – Airforce. which allowed them to double their team and increase prototype production.

Licensing & Manufacturing

Working closely with the BRITE team, NavaFlex is already engaging their next funding round and securing relationships with potential licensing and manufacturing partners with a goal of eventually establishing their own manufacturing facility in Ohio.

Looking Forward

BRITE brings an entire support ecosystem to the table. Before we encountered BRITE we were making progress developing our technology, but at nowhere near the pace.

BRITE closes the gap of time and distance for advancing technology-based startups and connecting them to the opportunities and funding they need to become successful companies.”

Suvankar Sengupta, President & Co-Founder, Navaflex

With working core strategies, roadmaps, and an established business foundation in hand, the Navaflex team is optimistic about the future of their venture. Now participating in the BRITEelevate program, they continue to evolve their product capabilities and benefits. The BRITE team is proud to continue to support Navaflex through their entrepreneurial journey and looks forward to assisting the team with future fundraises and milestones. 

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