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Power To Hydrogen Partners with NASA and Shell Energy

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. Hydrogen makes the sun burn bright and powers rocket ships. Hydrogen fuel is also eco-friendly, but there is a catch. Hydrogen doesn’t exist in nature in its pure form. Hydrogen must be extracted from other compounds to use this energy for vehicle fuel or to power infrastructure. The process is costly and does have an impact on the environment.

Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) is tackling the challenge head-on. A spinout from Rev1 portfolio company pH Matter, Power to Hydrogen is developing a revolutionary device that efficiently and cost-effectively generates hydrogen and stores energy.

“Hydrogen is abundant and incredibly light, but you need a lot of it to do anything,” said Paul Matter, Co-Founder and CTO of Power to Hydrogen. “Equipment to make hydrogen from renewables often sits idle because the equipment is only operated when there is excess wind or sun. Our Clean Energy Bridge is a reversible fuel cell, which means it can work in two directions–one as an electrolyzer, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, and then in the opposite direction by taking stored hydrogen gas and turning it into power.”

Read the full article by rev1ventures here.

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