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Powering Tomorrow: LAND Partners with Bloom to Supply U.S.-Made Electric Battery Solutions

a LAND moto e-bike

LAND, a pioneering electric mobility and battery manufacturer based in Cleveland, has announced a strategic partnership with Bloom, a Detroit-based platform that offers operations-as-a-service for the Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) industry. This collaboration is set to redefine the micromobility industry by leveraging LAND’s innovative CORE battery technology—known for its compactness, connectivity, and versatility across various forms of LEVs, including two and four-wheelers, boats, and RVs. Bloom, emphasizing a strong U.S.-based supply chain, aligns with LAND’s vision of transforming mobile energy through e-mobility and swappable batteries, aiming to expedite market access for companies and ensure the e-mobility industry is economically resilient and environmentally sustainable. This partnership promises to lower production costs and foster a more resilient market, bringing a wave of efficiency, growth, and innovation across the micromobility sector.

Read the full story to discover how LAND’s collaboration with Bloom is set to power the future of clean, efficient, and innovative transportation in the U.S.:

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