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Recharged and Treehouse Partner to Revolutionize the EV Buying Experience with an All-in-One EV Buying and Home Charging Solution

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The collaboration between Recharged and Treehouse aims to accelerate electric vehicle adoption by integrating EV charger home installation into the EV buying process.


Recharged, a company building the future of electric vehicle commerce, has announced a strategic partnership with Treehouse, a leading provider of EV charger home installation services. The collaboration will enable Recharged to offer a seamless buying experience by integrating EV charger home installation as part of its comprehensive EV education and buying process.

This partnership will cement Recharged’s position as the most complete EV buying solution upon its launch in June and make electric vehicles more accessible and affordable to consumers. By offering a variety of EV charger options for purchase and streamlining home installation, Recharged and Treehouse are simplifying the process of EV ownership.

“Recharged is dedicated to accelerating electric vehicle adoption by providing a seamless and hassle-free buying experience for our customers,” said Alan Shtraks, CEO of Recharged. “Our partnership with Treehouse not only makes EV ownership simpler and more efficient but also ensures that our customers have access to the best home charging solutions available.”

The collaboration between Recharged and Treehouse will enable customers to access a one-stop solution for purchasing a used electric vehicle and setting up a home charging system. Customers will be able to choose from a range of EV charger options, customized to suit their specific needs and budgets.

“At Treehouse, we’re committed to making EV charger installation easy and accessible for all electric vehicle owners,” said Eric Owski, CEO of Treehouse. “Our partnership with Recharged is one of the first of its kind in the automotive space. Recharged has a compelling vision for simplifying the EV buying experience and we’re excited to amplify that vision by making home charging a truly turnkey experience.”

The Recharged and Treehouse partnership is expected to accelerate the transition to EVs by providing a seamless and integrated buying experience, from vehicle selection to home charging setup. As both companies continue to innovate and grow, they remain committed to driving the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to a sustainable future.

About Recharged:
Recharged is on a mission to accelerate electric vehicle adoption with the first end-to-end ecommerce marketplace designed specifically for used EV buyers and sellers. Recharged is committed to making electric vehicles more accessible and affordable to consumers, while also serving dealers, fleets and other companies navigating the transition to electric vehicles.

About Treehouse:
Treehouse is an software-enabled home electrification company. Treehouse delivers instant point-of-sale pricing for EV charging installation, allowing installation services to be integrated with the purchase of an EV and making home installation a simple and delightful experience for EV owners. With a focus on providing exceptional customer service and high-quality installations, Treehouse is at the forefront of driving electric vehicle adoption

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