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SorbiForce: Creating Sustainable Batteries from Waste Materials

In a world where batteries are predominantly made from rare earth metals like lithium, SorbiForce offers an innovative solution. Instead of relying on limited supplies and contributing to environmental degradation through mining practices, SorbiForce manufactures batteries using waste materials.

Imagine a future where the battery in your smartphone or laptop is not made from mined elements. Now, picture this battery being able to utilize waste from desalination plants. And when its life cycle comes to an end, instead of becoming hazardous waste, the battery components can be removed and used as fertilizer. This sustainable and environmentally friendly solution is already a reality with SorbiForce.

Established in 2017 and registered in Delaware, SorbiForce has successfully developed a 2kWh battery capable of powering household appliances. Building on this achievement, the company is now focused on creating larger solutions that can capture renewable energy from solar and wind plants.

By utilizing waste materials, SorbiForce reduces the reliance on rare earth metals and minimizes the environmental impact of battery production. The company’s innovative approach not only addresses the issue of limited supply but also tackles the problem of harmful waste generated from discarded batteries.

SorbiForce’s dedication to sustainability and resourcefulness paves the way for a greener future. With their batteries made from recyclable materials, they offer a promising alternative to traditional battery production methods. Not only do they provide a clean energy source, but they also contribute to waste reduction and the circular economy.

As SorbiForce continues to push the boundaries of battery technology, their efforts provide hope for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. By harnessing the potential of waste materials, they prove that innovative solutions can be found in unexpected places.


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