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Three BRITE Member Companies Receive $43.8 Million in Funding Through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to Support the US National Clean Hydrogen Strategy 

Funding totaling $43.8 million was announced Wednesday for three Ohio-based clean energy startups as part of the DOE’s Clean Hydrogen Electrolysis, Manufacturing, and Recycling Activities under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.  

Building on the unprecedented federal investment to advance the clean energy economy, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced Wednesday $750 million in funding for 52 projects across 24 states dedicated to supporting the US National Clean Hydrogren Strategy. Of the projects, three BRITE Member companies were selected for a combined funding total of $43.8 million.  

The three companies, Power to Hydrogen, pH Matter, and Nexceris (NexTech Materials, Ltd.), utilized BRITE Signature Startup Programs and the availability of Experts-in-Residence and in-house DOE funding expertise to fine-tune their applications.  

“Funding opportunities like these are critical for driving economic development and the advancement of the clean energy economy, bringing good paying jobs to cities across Ohio and developing a strong hydrogen supply chain.” said Rick Stockburger, President & CEO of BRITE Energy Innovators. “BRITE exists for this very reason – to help our member companies get their clean technology concepts to market – so it’s a big win for all of us when we see this level of federal investment supporting clean energy companies.” 

The funding is meant to dramatically reduce the cost of clean hydrogen and reinforce American leadership in the growing hydrogen industry, according to the DOE. In total, the 52 projects will directly produce more than 1,500 new jobs, along with thousands of additional jobs indirectly generated through regional economic activity, while supporting 32 disadvantaged communities.  

BRITE’s member companies supported three of six topic areas which directly support the national clean hydrogen strategy as laid out in the U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap. The topic areas focus on electrolyzer manufacturing, electrolyzer supply chain development, and fuel cell supply chain development. The electrolyzer is a key component of harnessing hydrogen as a power source, using electricity to split water into its component parts of hydrogen and oxygen. When used in a fuel cell, the only waste produced through the process is water. Hydrogen is a  

clean and versatile fuel source which represents a significant opportunity for clean energy production and decarbonization. 

The three BRITE member company projects that were selected for funding include:  

Power to Hydrogen | $6,600,000  

Based in Columbus, OH, Power to Hydrogen was awarded $6,600,000 for Advanced Electrolysis Cell Components Designed for Assembly. This project will further develop and scale-up a proven advanced liquid alkaline electrolyzer cell design that meets DOE performance targets while utilizing low-cost components. Components will be designed for GW-scale manufacturing and assembly while scaling the cell size. Developments will be applicable to a broad set of alkaline electrolyzer designs, helping to establish a U.S.-based component supply chain. 

pH Matter, LLC | $7,200,000 

Based in Columbus, OH, pH Matter was awarded $7,200,000 for Fuel Cell Supply Chain Development. This project will build on catalyst technology advancements to scale-up materials for use in the heavy-duty transportation market. The project will improve the domestic manufacturing base for catalysts and demonstrate the capability to meet DOE manufacturing capacity targets. 

Nexceris (NexTech Materials, Ltd.) | $30,000,000 

Based in Lewis Center, OH, Nexceris (NexTech Materials, Ltd.) was awarded $30,000,000 for Low-Cost, High-Throughput Electrolyzer Manufacturing. This project will develop automated solid oxide electrolyzer stack manufacturing processes to increase throughput and reduce costs. The electrolyzer technology developed will meet DOE performance targets. 

Additional details and information can be found from the DOE Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies Office funding selections

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