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Two BRITE Members Included in Rice University Accelerator Program

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Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Rice University announced the inclusion of 12 innovative energy startups in Class 4 of its Clean Energy Accelerator program, focusing on various sectors including carbon management and solar power. Among these, BRITE members Corrolytics and Vroom Solar were selected. Corrolytics has developed an advanced technology to detect corrosion in real-time, providing critical insights into microbial and general corrosion, enhancing infrastructure longevity and safety. Vroom Solar is pioneering Smart Solar Management technology, optimizing solar and optional AC power in an efficient and cost-effective manner, promising a smaller footprint and affordable power solutions. These startups are part of a broader effort to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, receiving support through a rigorous curriculum aimed at speeding up their market adoption and expanding their impact.

Discover more about the contributions of Corrolytics, Vroom Solar, and their peers in advancing energy transition technology in the full story at Rice University News.

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