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Capstone Successfully Completes Start-Up Financing Deal for EV Safe Charge

The Opportunity:

As an emerging player in the growing Electric Vehicle services market, EV Safe Charge is creating the much-needed infrastructure for the 18.7 million electric vehicles expected to be on the road by the end of the decade (the current market sits at close to 1.5 million vehicles nationwide). With such tremendous growth will come a surge in demand for commercial, residential, mobile, and fast charging stations. EV Safe Charge works with best-in-class equipment manufacturers for product selection, installation, network management software, charging station rentals, and consultations. As such, they are positioned as a key liaison in helping developers, businesses, governments, and other stakeholders provide robust, reliable vehicle charging solutions for their clients, customers, and the public.

How Capstone Helped:

Funding EV Safe Charge’s operations allows for scalable, progressive growth that is responsive to demand while also ensuring the company is able to pursue leading-edge technologies and solutions for the future of the electric vehicle industry. One such project in the development stage that is now greenlit to conclusion thanks to the new funding relationship is a revolutionary EV charging platform. The Company is also in LOI discussions with several major commercial businesses and developers who are eager to implement the new solution as soon as it becomes available.

Capstone recognized that the position and potential advantages that lie ahead for EV Safe Charge, combined with its relatively small start-up size, were ideal for Angel investors and Venture Capital financing opportunities – and then used its extensive relationships to introduce EV Safe Charge to the right investor.

The Capstone Deal:

The Capstone team provided guidance on a detailed memorandum presentation, complete with in-depth financial forecasts typically requested by VC firms. The Capstone introduction to Sand Hill Angels – one of the largest, most experienced, and most active angel groups in the country who specialize in leveling-up entrepreneurial start-ups with ties to the technology sector – led to initial funding and further introductions. Besides financial support, Sand Hill Angels also makes the collective expertise and business acumen of its investor network available to its funding recipients to help ensure success. The group has been around for two decades, and works openly and collaboratively with venture capital funds, other angel organizations, and the Bay Area ecosystem that fosters the growth of technology startups.

EV Safe Charge will likely continue to be a strong candidate for capital investment as the firm and its market grow. Capstone intends to help the company with future funding sources as needed.

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