BRITE Energy Innovators

Jason Jordan of Jordan Energy Alternative Presents on a World-Wide Stage

This May, just five inventors presented their ideas on renewable energy technology at a global conference on clean energy. The only American company was from Marion, Ohio. Jason Jordan with Jordan Energy Alternative presented several ideas on a world-wide stage.

“This was the largest gathering of ideas for the future. It was an opportunity to present in front of thinkers, problem-solvers and investors. I was thrilled,” Jordan said.

At the changeNow.World conference, Jordan presented several ideas. They included a portable solar power panel kit that anyone, from renters to home owners, can purchase for a few hundred dollars and plug into their homes. Jordan also shared his idea for a mobile solar unit, an autonomous car that could follow the military into disaster areas and provide power.

“Picture a Mini Cooper-sized car that is an autonomous vehicle with a solar array that unpacks automatically. When the military is deployed to a hurricane, these autonomous vehicles will follow the lead vehicles, deploy solar array, and provide energy to a localized microgrid to first responders.”

Read the full article by Marion Star here.

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